Looking for a podcast guest or a speaker for your event?

I love to talk about marketing, careers and business.

Why? It comes down to perspective. As someone who started their marketing career pre-social media for business, I’ve seen huge changes in the industry. I’ve worked in-house, agency and freelance, for small businesses and global conglomerates.

I’m also open to sharing my journey, my mistakes and what I’ve learned along the way. I’m much better in conversation, so panels and interviews are where I am most at home.

Topics we can cover:

📢 B2B marketing trends and tools, such as AI, content marketing and LinkedIn

📢 How to develop a career in marketing

📢 Starting and running a small business

📢 The ups and downs of freelancing

📢 Why copywriting is an essential marketing skill

📢 How marketers can make better use of PR

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