Sharing my knowledge with the next generation of marketers

Marketing changes all the time. Even the basics are constantly evolving with new tech and ways of thinking. Take copywriting; 15 years ago I was writing typed letters and printed case studies. Today, I am more likely to write for a LinkedIn post or an email newsletter.

So we keep learning, and we share our knowledge.

I work with marketing schools and organisations as well as delivering internal training for in-house teams to run interactive marketing workshops. Here’s a flavour of marketing workshops I have run previously:

💡 How to get started with LinkedIn for your business

💡 Copywriting basics

💡 How to bring PR in-house

💡 Productivity for marketers

💡 How to be a marketing mentor

Why learn from me?

I am experienced: I’ve marketed over 100 businesses in 15 years. A good chunk of that time was as an in-house marketing manager and head of marketing and I now run my own marketing consultancy which is pretty much 100% built on word of mouth and recommendations.

I am qualified: I have a degree in English Language and Literature, a Level 6 diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing and I am a certified business coach and mentor. I have an ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring which is specifically designed for workplace coaching and mentoring.

And I like to see others succeed: I had a hard time getting my first job in marketing and establishing a career during the 00s recession. I didn’t have a marketing qualification until my mid-20s and this was a huge learning curve. Lots of wonderful teachers and mentors helped to get me where I am today, and I love the opportunity to do the same for others.

Who I’ve worked with:

The Girls in Marketing mentors are trained by me, and I am also a teacher at Alt Marketing School.

And this is what my students say about me

“I really liked the content it was new to me, her slides were great too”

Great framework and a fun activity!

Veronica did a great job with visualizing the customer journey, I had tons of ideas for myself and my clients during the class

Let’s learn together – get in touch to get the conversation started.