Long before I knew what marketing was, I wanted to be a journalist. So, I set about doing as much writing as possible. I wrote for my local newspaper, the university magazine, a newspaper in Central America, I even had a by-line in The Times.

My love for writing ended up leading me to marketing, but the writing didn’t stop there.

I wrote articles for every business I worked with (and still do). Chances are, it was for a niche trade publication or the news section of the website, but it was very much a written piece that tells a story.

In recent years, I’ve been writing about marketing, careers and business. Here are my highlights:

📝 How Training as a Coach Made Me a Better Marketer

📝 Life lessons from aerial circus

📝 How to structure a freelance working week

If you need some words about marketing, creative careers and freelancing, I’d love to help.